You won’t find it like that

Something I recently noticed about myself is that I tend to look for inspiration on the internet. I search and dig for clues as to what My Next Opportunity should be based on articles I read or successful strangers I stumble upon through podcasts and videos. There have been countless leads I've found through the … Continue reading You won’t find it like that


A new look doesn’t change how loud my keyboard is…

I decided it was time for a change, because I'm not going anywhere for the time being. That means new layout, new post, new tagline that I'll change when I come up with something better... and taking my (full) name off of what I'm writing because, although I'm aware anyone with enough time could track … Continue reading A new look doesn’t change how loud my keyboard is…

Takeaways from the Great Recession

Now, moments of clarity when I started to understand a bit more about the housing crisis. Mood: ominous clouds on a highway. I watched The Big Short¬†last night, on Thanksgiving ironically enough. Why ironic? Well, if you haven't seen the movie (which is also morbidly humorous), it's about the housing crisis. You know, that period … Continue reading Takeaways from the Great Recession